Balanceability is the UK’s only accredited ‘Learn to Cycle’ programme for children aged 2 ½ – 6 years old. The Balanceability course consists of Level 1 (2½ to approx: 4 years of age) and Level 2 (approx: 4-6 years of age) programmes. The programme aims to provide an introduction to cycling in a fun and safe environment, providing children the benefits of learning the skills to ride a bike, along with increasing levels of physical activity and developing new skills in the safe and controlled environments of Schools and Leisure Sites.

The Training Day consists of theoretical and practical assessments and a high rate of participation from all instructors is required. Upon successful completion of the course you will be awarded a certification of completion.



Balanceability comprises of structured lesson plans that help children develop gross motor skills, spatial awareness, dynamic and static balance, bilateral coordination along with the necessary skills to make the transition from a balance bike to an ordinary pedal bike safely and confidently. All instructors will be instilled with the confidence and ability to plan and deliver fun, exciting and enjoyable sessions to help children master the fundamental skills to start cycling.



  • Introduction – Background to Balanceability
  • Fundamental movement patterns
  • Gross motor skills and dynamic balance vs. static balance
  • Understand the importance of young children’s balance/learning to cycle
  • Coaching tips for dealing with young children and how children learn
  • Identify developmental needs
  • Provide activities that enable each child to directly apply skills and techniques as they are learned.
  • Organization, instruction supervision and awareness of safe activities
  • Structuring sessions
  • Developing session plans/progressive coaching sessions
  • Maintenance and construction of a bike
  • Health and safety/Duty of care
  • Risk assessment, laws, ratios, group management, etc. (Physical risks of running sessions)


  • Preparation
  • Application of session plan(s)
  • Setting up the training environment/Use of equipment
  • Warm-ups, games and activities
  • How to teach a child on their own bike and how to adjust it
  • Skill development (balance, gliding, stopping, braking, confidence)
  • Pick up, manoeuvre, mount and dismount bike
  • Supervision and observation/analysis of session
  • Identify and adapt activities and sessions for different age groups and abilities
  • Ability to change session plan/Problem solving
  • Basic understanding of bicycles and how to check on is safe to use for the session
  • Assessing the skills of the children and communicating with them and their parents/guardians
  • Being able to run the courses and additional optional exercises
  • Coaching session evaluation and assessment
  • Debrief and feedback


  • An understanding of Health and Safety procedures
  • First Aid Certified (must be completed by the time sessions are delivered at locations)
  • Teaching skills/Have an interest in building the skills and confidence of children of all ages and abilities
  • Some knowledge of cycling (preferably able to ride a bike)



Age Range

  • EYFS
  • KS1
  • KS2

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  • Practical course

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