A Primary workshop is based on the NEW Teaching Primary Schools Athletics – Run, Jump, Throw resource and demonstrates teaching progression across Primary School age groups in both generic and athletics specific running, jumping and throwing activities.

  • Ages 5 – 7 Years
  • Ages 7 – 9 Years
  • Ages 9 – 12 Years

Within each of these teachers will find:

  • Two examples of Schemes of Work
  • Two blocks of six-week Lesson Plans
  • Over 20 Activity Cards covering progressions of running, jumping and throwing activities

In addition teachers will find information on:

  • How to Measure a pupils progression and improvement plus Support cards.

All attendees receive a certificate on the day plus a 290 page Primary Run, Jump, Throw resource.


  • To provide teachers with a creative and practical resource to encourage and motivate youngsters to participate and achieve in athletics
  • To ensure that teaching is inclusive and engaging in manner, with modern approaches that are less reliant on formal didactic delivery.
  • To ensure all children receive a positive experience of athletics, with emphasis on participation, enjoyment, mastery and the acquisition of skills – to maintain interest.
  • To create a greater understanding that running, jumping and throwing underpin the vast majority of sports.

Age Range

  • KS1
  • KS2

Course Price

£125.00 ex VAT
£95.00 ex VAT

Course Information

  • Lunch provided
  • Practical course
  • During the day of the course there will be food available.
  • Please wear clothing and footwear appropriate for physical activity.

Course Dates

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