• To develop knowledge and understanding of principles and material content involved in the teaching of Games at Key Stage 1 and 2.
  • To develop and explore a progressive Scheme of Work.
  • To develop appropriate teaching and learning strategies.

Suitable co-operative and competitive game – like activities will be explored and developed into small sided and mini games within the categories of target Net/Wall, Striking/Fielding and Invasion games. Basic game strategies and tactics will also be developed.


To develop and extend the core skills and principles of athletics.

To build confidence in the delivery of challenging & inclusive material.

To be aware of health and safety.

The Games & Athletics KS1 and KS2 Training Courses develop and extend the understanding of teachers and builds confidence in their delivery of interesting, exciting and inclusive lessons. Both use the same 4 organisational methods: Alignment, Slalom, Grid and wheel, bringing the lesson plans to life, making them easy and safe to organise, whilst having fun!

*Includes a resource pack for both Games & Athletics!*


Age Range

  • KS1
  • KS2

Course Price

£250.00 ex VAT
£230.00 ex VAT

Course Information

  • Practical course

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