The course will examine and encourage progression and development from Reception through to Year 6 using a whole school schematic approach. The progressive and safe teaching of warm ups and basic gymnastic skills will be explored, in both individual and pair situations. Combined with this, an understanding of principles of movement, sequence-construction and extension will be developed both on floor and apparatus. This will equip practitioners with the knowledge and understanding to encourage creativity and build in complexity as pupils progress through the school. The course will also thoroughly explore the organisation and safe use of apparatus in a way which will enable pupils to build confidence and develop skills.

Expected minimum standards of performance will be identified in detail at the end of years 2 (7 years), 4 (9 years) and 6 (11 years) to help teachers make more accurate judgements of progress and attainment. Issues of differentiation and inclusion will be addressed (Includes an abbreviated paperback teaching manual).


Develop and extend the knowledge and understanding and build confidence in the delivery of Gymnastics lessons.

Age Range

  • KS1
  • KS2

Course Price

£189.00 ex VAT
£165.00 ex VAT

Course Information

  • Practical course
  • Please wear clothing and footwear appropriate for physical activity.

Course Dates

There are no current or upcoming instances of this course.

Val Sabin Dance

This practical course will develop and extend the knowledge, understanding and confidence of teachers in the planning and delivery of Dance in the PE curriculum.

  • EYFS
  • KS1
  • KS2